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Hi, I’m Susan

I’m a storm chaser. Mainly monsoons. My husband and I pack up our gear; his camera and tripod, my hiking poles and sun hat. And we go. We don’t seek shelter from the storm, we look for the vantage point to watch the heavens crack open as lightning bolts split the sky at sunset and warm summer rain falls in thick sheets washing over the cactus-sprinkled desert and running down our faces. We breathe in the scent of the new rain, and bask in the splendor of the saguaros backlit by the slivers of gold and magenta in the dark, purple sky. We capture the moments, the songs of the trogons and warblers.

I am a nurse practitioner. And missionary. Mother of four daughters. Grandmother of six kids. I have a masters degree in nursing from Graceland University. What I’ve learned over the years is that I am not in control. And He is. So I can find a place of Pura Vida (Pure Life) where I find shelter from the storms in the comfort of His Spirit, moment by moment, knowing the storms will pass and living water will bring new life.



Focus on the Family. Let’s Live, Aglow, Women’s Circle. Concord Life (contributing editor, contest judge), Family Times, 50/50 Magazine (contributing editor).


Creative writing at all levels.



Rock and Roll Reflections-Winner, California Writers Club Writing Contest

The Last RN-Winner, American Nurses Association

Graves of Craving-Finalist, OCW Writing Contest


National Health Services Corp’s Annual Spirit Award.

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