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Why I Write

Beyond the noise and the need to know why is a place of peace where heaven and earth converge, and there is healing. And meaning. And freedom.

Rx Romance Series

A series about medical professionals and the unique struggles we go through. And it’s about the divine romance that breathes new life into us as we surrender to it and trust in the power of His perfect, healing Love.

Book One: White Stone


Why would God take a good man’s wife, leaving behind his three-year-old daughter? Single-dad Abner (aka Birdie) Byrd wants to know. Stuck in a trailer with his mama on home dialysis and his daughter under her aunt’s care, he thinks the pain outweighs the point of it all. Can he find a reason to keep breathing before it’s too late?


Why did Mama Star die of an overdose by the river after she gave birth to Aria on a shower curtain under the bridge? Hospice nurse Aria Grace Noble wants to know. And why did her employer Frank Castro leave her with a message, a fortune, and a mission that changes everything? In her world, anyway? Locate Frank’s long-lost son Birdie, hug him for Frank, and let the man she’s dating know he’s not Frank’s biological son or heir.

She brings the messages—one from the father Birdie never knew and the other from the heavenly Father he stopped turning to. But does she deliver them on time? And what about the hug, supposedly from Frank, and the passionate kiss, definitely not from any relative? Aria might have the words, and Birdie the melody to a new song, but can this interracial couple from two different worlds share more than just a song? Can they get beyond the noise and the need to know why is a place of peace where heaven and earth converge, and there is healing. And meaning. And freedom?

Hidden manna. A new name.
A white stone. Forgiveness?
Can they find it together? Only time will tell.

Book Two: Victims of Privilege

World-renowned plastic surgeon, Jacob Winters decides at the age of 45 that he has wasted his entire life trying to make women beautiful, but it is never enough. And no woman can offer him enough to make his meaningless life worth living. That is, until he meets AJ James, a woman who wants to sell everything she has and move to a little village in Mexico where she can serve the poor. He loves her, but what could he possibly have to offer her?

Estimated completion date  11/2023 

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